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date night (jaehyun x reader) Rating: T Words: 630 Summary: It's your first date night in ages and your boyfriend keeps staring at you. Warnings: this is a birthday present so it is cute. just like jaehyun's dimples. "Why are you looking at me like that?" "Like what?" Jaehyun asks, but his smile gives way almost immediately, dimples fading into the same doe-eyed stare that got your. MX & GOT7 . Posts; 𝐑𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐬 ! Archive; SWEAT. JACKSON X READER. BLURB. You glanced at the clock, wanting to wait for him but a wave of sleep crashing over you. A defeated sigh left your lips as you stood up from your place on the couch and trudged towards the room you shared. ... JOOHEON X READER. BLURB. The time was.

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So I’m really bored and I thought maybe some guys of you have some questions or some of you need a good advice. Also I have some funny and also sad stories to tell about but I don’t know if you would like to hear about them. Or you guys just send me some more requests. Originally posted by hobiismyluv. got7 jb got7 mark got7 scenario got7.

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got7x child!reader This is completely platonic fluff btw. Just a cute kid ... You x got7 oneshots. jinyoung; got7fanfic; mark +7 more # 14. got7 imagines <3 by Mia. 2.5K 14 9. ... Collection of soulmate aus from my tumblr. note: these were bullet fics but i've transformed them into one shots. got7xreader. Discover more posts about got7-romance It’s just business The arrival of a stranger in Kattegat forces the two even further apart Drawn up by the Requested by Anon Requested by Anon. ♔ GENRE + WARNINGS: JODHAA AKBAR!AU, royal au, my attempt at something somewhat historical (joon —> king of goguryeo) [ i apologize for any inaccuracies ], angst, ARRANGED.

You see, (Y/N) boyfriend, Shawn, was currently on tour for 4 months now and (Y/N) started to miss him dearly. So she took matters into her own hands and planned a surprise visit to her boyfriend. So she contacted her brother, Brian and Shawn's bandmate, Geoff. Together they planned how she was gonna surprise Shawn.

V ; KIM TAEHYUNG. You and Taehyung are such a power couple. He's aware of your insecurity before you even realize it's an issue. He subtly makes comments that are positive towards your height. You grew confident enough to compliment yourself and not need validation from anyone else. Taehyung: We stan a confident king.

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Are you jealous (Jay Park x Fem! Reader) A/N: I hope you enjoy the drabble, I would say more but I don't know what to say.~Zero Prompt Numbers: 65, 90, 111 Read Time: 2 minutes Type: Fluff +Arranaged.

See more posts like this on Tumblr. #got7 #got7 scenarios #got7 x reader #got7 imagines #jackson wang #yugyeom #got7 reaction #got7 reactions #youngjae #park jinyoung #bambam #mark #mark tuan #Im Jaebum #jb More you might like. Wow this page hasn't been used for a long time so just a quick update-. Focus on Me inspired this lol. The whole Focus album legit sounds like it's perfect for Vogue y'all. Pairing: Jaebeom x Reader Genre: Romance [A little suggestive towards the end!] Summary: [Model AU] You become the new model for JYP Industries' high-end clothing line.There, you meet the mysterious and undeniably sexy Lim Jaebeom.

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  • Past due and current rent beginning April 1, 2020 and up to three months forward rent a maximum of 18 months’ rental assistance
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See more posts like this on Tumblr. #jinyoung #got7 x reader #kpop x reader #x reader #reader #got7 #fluff #fluffied fluff fluff #college au #gender neutral i believe More you might like. Gaon as Your Boyfriend 💖 . Bulleted list, fluff. Word Count: 2,289. Requested by two different anons :).

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jaebum x reader. wc: 675. You had never seen Jaebum cry before. Jaebum was a rock. Jaebum was your rock and he was fine. He was always fine. He was young and he had been through so much, and he got through everything with his head held high. Never did he let you see him break down, never did he show any weakness.

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Hyunjin. ― His favorite place where he kiss you is your forehead, although he is used to kissing the top of your head and then putting his chin there while his arms softly surround your shoulders. Hyunjin likes the feeling of your round cheeks in his hands, your owns gently resting on his as he bends over to kiss your forehead.

The lack of GOT7 x reader poly AU content bothers me. certainuncertainty11: “*begs* Please don’t make me write it. ... I can’t believe I’m writing it. 😭Beautiful Thing is a GOT7 soulmate/poly au story set in a universe where a person can.

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GOT7 Masterlist. Originally posted by jaebam. Key: [F=Fluff, S=Smut/Suggestive, A=Angst, H=Humor, P=Platonic, T=Thriller] OT7. Beautiful Thing [A/F/S] - 30.8k, Ongoing - GOT7 is promoting SeoulMate by wearing their device and going to “search” for their soulmate. While their devices are active, they’re not allowed to contact their soulmate.

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Mark is .. A beautiful 6am summer sunrise, orange and pink shades in the sky waking up the world in a smooth way. The sun coming through the blinds and waking you up slowly getting ready to starts the day with healtly breakfast and maybe some sports, with a soft khiphop playlist.

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🌙 — GOT7 MASTERLIST. 1.5M ratings ... See more posts like this on Tumblr. #got7 scenarios #lunatens masterlist More you might like. ... stray kids social media au skz social media au lee know x reader lee minho x reader lee know x you lee minho x you skz fanfiction stray kids fanfiction stray kids fake texts go higher!.

Hiraeth - I.IV: Danced of the Damned. pairing(s): Hybrid!Im Jaebeom x Reader, Witch!Mark Tuan x Reader, Werewolf!Jackson Wang x Reader, Vampire!Park Jinyoung x Reader, Supernatural!Got7 x Reader genre: Supernatual!AU, Dark Magic!AU, heavy Angst, slight Fluff, eventual Smut . warning(s): Mature language, mentions of death, hints of traumatic experiences, blood, etc. got7 ot7 photo 4years. pizzawasabi: Thank you for everything. This past year wasn’t the kindest. It was tough, lonely and dark. I lost some people who meant a lot to me. But you kept me going. You gave me reasons to smile and laugh and forget everything that hurt me. You gave me reasons to wake up and go through another day.

how to use cellebrite reader; alonzo polk dedham; craigslist singapore rent; quori name generator tarkov sks build 2021 killing in the name tab. niche skin labs domed nail dab; eras leadership experience reddit; nametest chinese zodiac; motorcycle misfire at low rpm; txq neopixel lightsaber; police officer blue uniform uk; indianapolis home. So I’m really bored and I thought maybe some guys of you have some questions or some of you need a good advice. Also I have some funny and also sad stories to tell about but I don’t know if you would like to hear about them. Or you guys just send me some more requests. Originally posted by hobiismyluv. got7 jb got7 mark got7 scenario got7.

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~Here lies seven crackheads and their infinite love for aghase~ Keep your eye out for it~ Why~ Jaebum x gender neutral reader timstamp In progress~ Run to you~ Mafia Drabble x gender neutral reader. My Lady, My Champion Teaser~ Got7 royalty au x female reader. Tell me~ Jinyoung x female reader NSFW Imagine Jinyoung x Reader werewolf fic au~.